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World Religions - Open - FALL 2017

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Tuesday, Sept. 5/17  

1. Introduction to the study of World Religions

-course outline, safety exits in a fire drill, lockdown procedures, cell phone policy, course website

HRF 3O Course Outline.docx

2. Get to Know You questions

Get to Know You and Creating Classroom Community questions 2017.docx

3.  Group brainstorming and discussion - Why should we study World Religions?  What is good about religion? What is bad about religion? Why does religion even exist?

Wednesday, Sept. 6/17 

1.Attendance Question

2. Why study World Religions?  Discussion and note  Why Study World Religions 2017.docx

3.  Journal Reflection on what Employability Skills you would like to develop this semester.  Employability Skills 2000.docx 

4.  Functions of ReligionThree Functions of Religion.docx


Thursday, Sept. 7/17

Attendance question

1. Journal - Review note - Why Study Religion and reflect on which reasons matter for you. 

Class Discussion

2 Take up discussion on what is good and bad about religion and brainstorm specific examples.  Connect to note on the three functions of religion.  


Friday, Sept. 8/17

Attendance Question

1.  Presentations - What is good and bad about religion .  Connect to note on the three functions of religion.  

good and bad about religion 2017.docx

2. What is the difference between religion and spirituality?  Spirituality and Religion.docx

-Assignment - Spiritual Role Models: 

11Famous Religious Person Project with google slides presentation SC 2017.docx


Monday, Sept. 11/17 - Friday, Sept. 15/17

-work on Spiritual Role Model assignment and edit it

Spiritual Role Model editing form for students.docx

-submit this assignment to google classroom using the following code:  m3wfl6t


Friday, September 15/17

1.  Edit and complete Spiritual Role Model Assignement.

2. Art as meditation activity



Monday, Sept. 18/17  - Wednesday, Sept 20/17                                                                                                 

Attendance Question

1. Review definition of spirituality.  Copy this into your duotang.  Discuss - what helps us know what "matters most" to us? 

2.Make journal covers.


Tuesday, Sept 19/17

1.  Attendance Question

2. Journal  – Coming to know "what matters most" to you.  Answer the question, "What matters most to you? " by thinking about the following:

            -what do you do in your free time?

            -what do you look forward to?

            -what do you spend money on?

            -what do you like to talk about?

            -what do you like to read about? Watch on TV? etc

3.   Spirituality and Religion  Spirituality and Religion.docx

-read and highlight main ideas

-answer questions  #2 (in assigned groups)


Wednesday, Sept 20/17

1.  Attendance Question

2. Journal  – Coming to know "what matters most" to you.

a)  Look at the list of emotions that are evoked when we are doing things that matter to us.  (See paragraph from handout on Spirituality that we read yesterday).  Now look at the list of things that matter to you (which you listed in your journal yesterday).  Which of these emotions do you feel when you are doing things that matter to you?

b)   Do you have time AND a place where you are able to think deeply about what matters most to you and about kind of person you are, and you want to grow into?  

3.   Spirituality and Religion  Spirituality and Religion.docx

-answer questions #3 

4.  Continue making journal covers.


Thursday -  Tuesday, Sept 21-26/2017

Attendance Question

1.   Journal  – Coming to know "what matters most" to you.   Do you have a person who truly listens to you as you figure out who you are and how you want to live your life?  Do you have people in your life that inspire you?  Have you had any significant life experiences which have taught you lessons about how you want to live your life? 

2.  Begin watching Into the Wild and analyse the spirituality of the main character using this guideline.  

Into the Wild and Chris' spirituality 2016 (1).docx


Wednesday, Sept 27 - Monday, Oct 2/17

Write a 5 paragraph essay about how you do or do not nurture your spirituality. 


Tueday, Oct 3/19 - Wednesday, Oct 4/17

1. Into the Wild - How did Chris' values change?  Take this work up. 

Into the Wild and Chris' spirituality 2016 (1).docx


2. Introduction to the Belief Narrative using "Into the Wild"

Work in pairs and fill in the following using information from "Into the Wild" and the Belief Narrative Model framework


3.   Compare the Belief Narrative and the definition of religion. 

-the definition of religion:  Compare the Belief Narrative and 7 dimensions with definition of religion blanks for answers.docx


Thursday, Oct 5/17 -Friday, Oct 6/17

6. Cults -  The search for meaning gone wrong  

Cults - Find the characteristics of cults in the video "Dangerous Devotion" using the handout provided

religion vs cults 2017 with spaces for answers.doc



Tuesday, Oct 10/17

1.  Why does religion exist? . how did religion start (1).docx  

Summarize the note in your own words. 

2.  Introduction to Native Spirituality:  Look at exemplars for the timelines


Wednesday, Oct 11/17 - Friday, Oct 20/17

Each day, we will look at a section of the Belief Narrative and Seven Dimensions of Native Spirituality and you will have time to complete the timeline for the Primitive Era

1. Notes on Native Spirituality

Native Spirituality seven dimensions and belief narrative worksheet 2017 hrf for notetaking stu.docx

Worldview and Spirituality:  Living in harmony and balance with Mother Nature today

Native Spirituality UR and environmentalism.pptx


2. Create graphic timeline for Primitive Era

primitive era evolution of religious thought with blanks for planning hrt hrf 2017 (1) numbered.doc

Success Criteria for Graphic Timeline Assignment 

AA Graphic timeline Success Criteria Editing teacher evaluation 2017.docx


Tuesday, Oct 17/17  - Friday., Nov 3/17

- take up definition of religion and comparison with the Seven dimensions classwork

Compare the Belief Narrative and 7 dimensions with definition of religion blanks for answers.docx

review - Seven Dimensions https://www.slideshare.net/MrFinlayson/seven-dimensions-of-religion

-note on Worldview and historical context of Indigenous people in Canada

Historical Context and Culture 2017 notes.docx


Mon, Oct 30/17 - Friday, Nov 3/17

- elder presentation on teachings of Native Spirituality

-take notes on the Belief Narrative of Native Spirituality and watch videos

AA seven dimensions and belief narrative worksheet - native spirituality - hrf notes 2017 witho.docx


Monday, Nov 6/17

-open book test on Native Spirituality

-final day to submit edited version of timeline


Tuesday, Nov 7/17

field trip to Hindu temple and Islamic mosque

alternative assignment for student who missed this trip

 Alternate assignment on the trip to the mosque and the temple for those who were absent.docx


Wednesday, Nov 8/17

-mini field trip to the forest 


Thursday, Nov 9/17

-blanket exercise and Truth and Reconciliation recommendations


Friday, Nov 10/17 - Thursday, Nov 16/17

Introduction to the Goddess culture timeline and video

Monday - review native spirituality, add titles to the timeline sheet,start watching the video, and answering the questions

Watch the first 20 minutes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRV8EiXS_q4

Goddess Remembered.docx


Tuesday - review yesterday's video, add pictures of Goddesses from different cultures to your timeline, and symbols (see #12 on notes)

The Goddess in different cultures.docx


Wednesday - hand in virtual tour of the temple and mosque (for those who missed the trip)

- summarize notes and add first 7 on your timeline

Ancient Goddess worshipping cultures - numbered and planning sheet 2017.docx


Thursday - finish timeline and submit


Friday - powerpoint introduction to Hinduism

-watch "Beginners Guide to Hinduism"

-complete Belief Narrative section on Identity and paraphrase this section on your Archaic Era notes


Monday, Nov 20/17

-review Identity in Hindusim

-put title on next timeline, and attach images of the Hindu Trinity


Tuesday, Nov 21/17

-note:  Hope and Conflict in Hinduism

-add the context to your timeline from the notes on Archaic Era


Wednesday, Nov 22/17 - Wednesday, December 6

-summarize the rest of the notes on the Archaic Era, create and edit timeline which is due Wednesday, Dec 6

-introduction to meditation


Thursday, Dec 7/17 - Thursday, December 21

-edit timeline for Hinduism

-introduction to meditation

-Amnesty International activity

Buddhism and timeline for Axial Age


Monday, January 8/18 - Thursday, January 25

Buddhism review and test - Tues, Jan 9-10

-Western Traditions - timeline



stereotypes - # Not in My Name  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbZ0dpf8lkY

I'm Muslims, but I'm not.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMQjyRc7eiY

and a response  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWVV-jBz2_E

I'm a Hijabi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XiG6FxkHEc


What the prophet taught https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCM6wkkuXaY  


How Islam begin....in ten minutes  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDxKxnVZtgo

the difference between Islam and ISIS ...# Not in My Name 





Nothing to do with my prophet



10 Celebs you didn't know were Muslims https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnZYnjJSIqI

My Week as a Muslim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1wIfASaz2E


Are Americans really at risk of being the target of a terrorist attack?  



-Culminating Task - this will be completed in class.   You will be asked to complete only 4 of the 7 dimensions in your CT because of the snow days, and we will omit Part 2 of the CT




 Three Misunderstandings of Religion - note   Misunderstandings of Religion.docx


The danger of the single story:   https://archive.org/details/ChimamandaAdichie_2009G




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