Grade 11 World Religions 2018



Daily schedule of activities with links for notes, videos, etc  February - March HRT 3M 2018



Tuesday, April 3/18

1.  Do analysis of Timeline questions 

2.  Review note from Friday and add details

3. Reading - Walking back in time - what is the context of the people of the primitive era? 

walking back in time - setting the context.pdf 

4. Hope - What matters most in Indigenous Spirituality?  

5. How do followers of Native Spirituality put this into practice?  See the Seven Dimensions

-sacredness of every action

Thanksgiving Greeting -

          Music to play during Thanksgiving greeting video



Wednesday, April 4/18

1. Journal - are you in balance emotionally

  Gratitude Journal

2. Thanksgiving Greeting - finish

3. Story of Two Wolves

4.  After watching each of the above videos, answer this question in your notebook

Explain clearly and specifically how dimension from Indigenous Spirituality brings harmony and/or balance to


                        -one’s relationship with others


                        -one’s relationship with nature


Thursday, April 5/18

-Culminating Task Inquiry Project - Religion in the news. Work period. Articles are due Monday - Wednesday, April 16-19/18.  Sign up with google docs to make sure you aren't doing the same thing as anyone else in either of this semester's classes.  

Culminating Task success criteria and exemplar for articles 2018 spring.docx

-Your articles and the assignment is due Monday, April 30/18.  


-Review Sheet for Test on Thursday, April 12/18    Review for test - native spirituality 2018.docx


Friday, April 6/18

Blanket Exercise


Monday, April 9/18 - Tuesday, April 10/18

1. a) Read Statistics - period 1

b) Submit response to Blanket Exercise

c)  Note on Truth and Reconciliation Commission Truth and Reconciliation Commission 2018.docx

c) How Indigenous traditions bring healing - Ashley Callingbrook

2. Practices and Rituals/ Experiential and Emotional - smudging

sweat lodge -

vision quest

pow wow -

Grandfather Teachings

Importance of the Feather



Wednesday, April 11/18

1. Indigenous people on the forefront of environmental movements  Native Spirituality UR and environmentalism.pptx 

2.  Worldview - We are all connected

     -science is confirming the Indigenous understanding of how humans and the earth are interconnected. Watch and discuss "We are all connected"

3.  Review Seminar


Thursday, April 12/18

1.  Test on Indigenous Spiritualites


Friday, April 13/18- Wenesday, April 16/18

1.  Art Meditation Activity

2.  the Goddess cultures (including early Hinduism)  

3.  Paraphrase notes from the Goddess era timeline  Ancient Goddess worshipping cultures - numbered and planning sheet.docx

4.  Watch excerpts from the video on the Goddess Culture and answer questions 

When God was a Girl.docx

-Goddess era timeline is due on Monday, April 23/18


Wednesday, April 18/18 - Friday, April 20/18

1.  Introduction to your Culminating Activity#1 

2. Work on your Goddess culture timeline which is due Wednesday, April 25/18



Monday, April 23/18 - Friday, April 27/18

1.  Exam review - Spirituality, the belief narrative, and introduction to you second Culminating Task

2.   Applying the definition of spirituality and the Belief Narrative and the Seven Dimensions to the film, Into the Wild

  Into the Wild and Chris' spirituality 2018.docx

3. -Your articles and the assignment is due Monday, April 30/18.  Bring a print copy of each article to class.  Submit your work to google classroom

period one code - wmqxea

period two code - w4p0u8k


Monday, April 30/18 

1.  Introduction to Hinduism and take notes in class from powerpoint on Brahman,  Atman and the meaning of namaste

Complete the following notes using your text on the Belief Narrative handout

  belief narrative and dimensions - Hinduism 2017 - student copy with page numbers.docx

a)  Identity – the trinity and consorts and what each represents

b)  Hope – moksha

c)  Challenges/Conflict – maya  (pg 238)

d)  Explain the connection between Namaste and hope (under ritual)

2.  Edit your Critical Thinking and Religion in the News assignment. 

3.  Submit the edited version to the new file listed on google classroom, using the same classroom code as provided last week. 

4.  Both articles are due today in class....printed. 


Tuesday, May 1/18

1. Take up the belief narrative of the main character of "Into the Wild"

2.  Culminating Task #2 - Your Belief Narrative.  Due Date: Friday, May 25/18

          CT #2 2018 - Your Belief Narrative.docx

               -make notes on your "Context" and "Nurturing your Spirituality"  in your journal

3.  Take up yesterday's homework on Hinduism  

          -Brahman - what is this power that sustains the universe?


Wednesday, May 2/18 - Thursday, May 3/18

1. Choose the focus of your personal Belief Narrative

     -make notes on Hope and Conflict in your journal

2.  Powerpoint - take notes on the dimensions  and connect each one  to "hope" on the Belief Narrative Handout


3. Step up to the line activity

 video, My Life, My Religion

Powerpoint - take notes on the dimensions  and connect each one  to "hope" on the Belief Narrative Handout



Monday, May 7 - Wednesday, May 9/18

-timeline of Archaic Era   ARCHAIC ERA planning sheet 2018.docx

Archaic Era timeline due Tuesday,  May 15/18


-critical thinking activity (period 1 only)

-school survey (period 2 only)

-work period on timeline or paint study desk


Thursday, May 10/18

-visit to Hindu temple and mosque

-alternate assignment for students who are absent from field trip.  Hand this in on Friday, May 11/18

Alternate assignment on the trip to the mosque and the temple for those who were absent.docx

links for the virtual tour of the temple 





Friday, May 11/10

-debrief field trip to House of Worship

-work period on timeline


-critical thinking presentations

-finish notes on Belief Narrative of Hinduism 

             Powerpoint - finish taking notes on the dimensions  and connect each one  to "hope" on the Belief Narrative Handout

                    -meditation, mantras, Vedas, Upanishads, Aum, Swastika and complete the "connection to hope" section

                    -   The mandir (Hindu temple)


Monday, May 14/18 

-finish notes for  the Belief Narrative of Hinduism

-introduction to tomorrow's activity on what YOU hope for in YOUR Belief Narrative

-time to work on timeline

-one Critical Thinking presentation


Tuesday, May 15/18 and Wednesday, May 16/18

-Introduction to breath meditation

-edit and submit timeline

-create symbol for CT - the symbol and the paragraph are due on Thursday, May 24/18

-make notes in your journal on your Belief Narrative - These are due on Wednesday, May 23/18


Thursday, May 17/18 

-Review timeline of religions to the Historic Era

-Read pages 260-262 in your text 

-complete the following section in the Belief Narrative of Buddhism based on what you learned in the reading and the first 15 minutes of the movie, the Buddha,

-the birth story, the Four Sights

 Buddhism Belief Narrative and Seven Dimensions 2017.docx


Friday, May 18/18


meditation music


-Submit Hinduism Belief Narrative with connections made between the Seven Dimensions and "hope"

-Critical thinking presentation

-Finish conversation on images of U.R. and who benefits, who is burdened.  What did the Buddha have to say about U.R.?

-note on Buddhism handout on Birth Narratives  


The Buddha video Q'ns 2018.docx


Tuesday, May 22/18

Review the concept of a birth narrative and apply to Christianity birth narrative - comparison of Christmas stories.doc

-answer questions #3-5 on the handout on the video about Buddhism after watching up to 22 minutes The Buddha video Q'ns 2018.docx

Critical Thinking presentation


  Wednesday, May 23/18 - Thursday, May 24/18

-hand in CT notes in your journal on Wednesday, May 23

-mindfulness body scan period 1 -

-hand in symbol and paragraph describing it - Thursday


Monday, May 28/18- Wednesday, May 30/18

-continue video and questions on Buddhism on handout

-take notes on the Belief Narrative of Buddhism


Thursday, May 31/18

- continue to learn about the Belief Narrative of Buddhism - enlightenment and nirvana

-watch the last section of the video and answer the questions on the handout

-critical thinking presentation     


Friday, June 1/18

-work period to complete the review questions on the Eastern Traditions


Monday, June 4/18 

-meditation and Buddhism

     -TED talk - Ten Mindful Minutes

     -practice Mindfulness meditation

-critical thinking presentation 


Tuesday, June 5/18

Last teachings of Buddhism

      - meditation  and the teaching of impermanence

               -ritual of the mandala






     -compassion and Om Mani Padme Hum



-Buddhist worship



review of Eastern Traditions

     Review of Hinduism: 

          Part One

          Part Two

  Review Seminar and take up Eightfold path group work


Wednesday, June 6/18

-timeline - Western Traditions

historic era 2018 planning chart with quotes.docx

images for historic era timeline.docx

historic era places of worship pics 2018.docx


Thursday, June 7/18

work period on historic era timeline


Friday, June 8/18

-Test on Eastern Traditions

-Culminating Task has been due everyday this week so you can decide where it fits best into your schedule but the extension due date is Tuesday, June 12/18


Monday, June 11/18 and Wednesday, June 13/18 and Thursday, June 14/18

I'm a Muslim, but I'm not

Meet a Muslim

Not in My Name


What a billion Muslims really think


My Life, My Religion:Islam



What is Sharia Law?


Tuesday, June 12

Culminating Task is due on Tuesday, June 12

-alternate date for Hinduism test for LINK leaders 

-historic era timeline is due on Wednesday, June 13 and extension due date is Friday, June 15/18


Wednesday, June 13/18

-Islam - What a Billion Muslims think


Thursday, June 14/15

-take notes on the Belief Narrative of Islam


Friday, June 15 

-vtake up notes on video - What a Billion Muslims Believe

-Take up Belief Narrative of Islam after watching video

-discuss the note -   Mind maps - Modern and Post Modern era notes 2017.docx


Monday, June 18/18 - Wednesday, June 20/18

-exam review work period on Monday

Exam Review Seminar Tuesday and Wednesday




The unit we have to skip...if you are interested in learning more about Judaism....


 take notes in class or take notes from the text if you are absent

Judaism Belief Narrative and Seven Dimensions 2017 student copy.docx


Introduction -

Introduction -

Best Bar Mitzvah Speech


synagogue -

midrash -

-stories of tricksters in the Hebrew Scripture - more examples of how the powerless turn things around and bring justice



a.       How to read and interpret scripture                                                                i.       Understanding the importance of context                                                              ii.      The danger of the  “single story” (ie. stereotypes)                                                             iii.      The symbolic language of religion                                                            iv.      The functions of religion 2.       Why Study World Religions?                                                                 i.      Nostrae Aetate                                                              ii.      Religious Pluralism in Canada
Explain clearly and specifically how dimension from Indigenous Spirituality brings harmony and/or balance to                         -oneself                         -one’s relationship with others                         -one’s relationship with nature 
Monday, June 4/18