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February - March HRT 3M 2018

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Monday, Feb 5/18 

1. Course outlines, class procedures and cell phone policy

HRT 3M Course Profile 2018 template.doc

2. Complete "Getting to know you " handout

3.  Journal Quote:  "The great religious traditions have survived across millennia because they express insights that human beings have repeatedly found to be true." (Krista Tippett in Speaking of Faith)   Respond to the quote by either i) asking a question  OR  ii) Support - explain why you agree with this statement  OR  iii) Challenge -  explain why you disagree with this statement 


Tuesday, Feb 6/18

Period 2 - course outline and classroom expectations

Define religion how did religion start, religion defined, worldview 2015.docx

Note - introduction to the Belief Narrative and the Seven Dimensions


Wednesday, Feb 7/18

-Discuss critical thinking questions for Monday's quotation

-paraphrase the note on "How did Religion Start" in complete sentences from how did religion start, religion defined, worldview 2015.docx


Thursday, Feb 8/18

1.  How are you evaluated in World Religions

2.  Review - What is Ultimate Reality?  What is one explanation for how religions started?

3.   Group brainstorming questions


Friday, Feb 9/18

Seven Lessons we can learn from World Religions

Read and answers the questions


Monday, Feb 12/18

Finish Seven Lessons assignment  

Journal Reflection :  : I believe in science, not religion.  


Tuesday, Feb 13/18 - Thursday, Feb 15/18

1.  Journal Quote:  "I don't believe in religion.  I believe in science.  and note - science vs religion."    Respond to the quote by either i) asking a question  OR  ii) Support - explain why you agree with this statement  OR  iii) Challenge -  explain why you disagree with this statement 

2.  Class Themes and Assignments overview World Religions HRT 3M - units and themes 2018.docx

3.  Why study Religion?  Skills and Knowledge what knowledge and skills can you take away from a religion class.docx

-Read and highlight

-summarize using the note taking format provided. Edit in class on Thursday and re-submit on Tuesday, Feb 20

Making good summary notes.docx 

-Discuss the article and review the steps of critical thinking

     -what are "implications"?   Practice with a partner.


Friday, Feb 16/18

1.  What is your image of God and what role does God play in the reality of suffering and evil? Read and answer the questions. 

  The role of God in the midst of tragedy 2018.docx


Tuesday, Feb 20/18

1.  Review steps of Critical Thinking

2.  More tools used in the study of religion

          -critical thinking -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dItUGF8GdTw

                        -summarize in your notebook

          -supporting your opinions with reliable evidence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yX_1gJ_51M

3. Common misunderstandings about religion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-YQXRrNo70

                         - summarize the three common misunderstandings about religion.  Give an example of each.

                         - Misunderstandings of Religion.docx


 Wednesday, Feb 21/18 - Friday, Feb 23/18

1. Review: Three Common Misunderstandings about religion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-YQXRrNo70

                         - summarize the three common misunderstandings about religion.  Give an example of each.

                         - Misunderstandings of Religion.docx

Journal - what examples do you have of stereotypes about religion?  Why are these misunderstandings perpetuated?  

                         -literalism vs contextualism - why there are different intepretations of scripture

                             -note - review of scripture  Interpreting Scripture 2018.docx

                            - the symbolic language of religion  The language of religion.doc

Journal - how do you decide what ideas to accept? reject? - reflect using specific examples related to image of God and/or the afterlife, 

2.  Critical Thinking discussion about Friday's article -discuss 

3.  What happens when we don't see different perspectives or challenge our assumptions, conditioning, confirmation bias and ethnocentrism?

Journal - list stereotypes about religion.

          The danger of the Single Story  Ted Talk - https://archive.org/details/ChimamandaAdichie_2009G

                                   a) What is the danger of the “single story”?  

                                   b)  Why do we often only know the "single story"?  

                                   c) Connect this talk to the concepts of challenge our assumptions, conditioning, confirmation bias and ethnocentrism.

                                   b) How can this be relevant to our understanding of religion and spirituality?

3.   The Three Functions of Religion.docx

4.  Review questions due next Tuesday for a review seminar  review - unit 1 HRT 3M 2018.docx


Monday, Feb 26/18

Note - Characteristics of Cults 

1.  Watch the first two clips on cults from Dangerous Devotions, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbICD-ge4rY


Tuesday, February 27/18

Why Study World Religions?

-Nostra Aetate http://www.vatican.va/archive/hist_councils/ii_vatican_council/documents/vat-ii_decl_19651028_nostra-aetate_en.html

-religious pluralism in Canada

-take up review questions for the test tomorrow 


Wednesday, February 28/18

unit one test



- Thursday, March 1/18 - Friday, March 2/18

1. Introduction to the Primitive Era and Native Spirituality timeline

Indigenous Worldview Indigenous Worldview 2018.docx

2. Graphic Timeline of the Primitive Era

     -look at exemplars

-paraphrase the following note

primitive era evolution of religious thought with blanks for planning hrt hrf 2017.doc 

Success Criteria for your timelines  AA Graphic timeline Success Criteria Editing and teacher evaluation 2017 HRT 3M.docx


Monday,  March 5/18 - Wednesday, March 7/18

-comparing Indigenous and Western Worldview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPVrr44KHI

-begin paraphrasing the notes on Indigenous Spirituality


Thursday, March 8/18 

1.  Community Drumming Activity


Monday, March 19/18 - Friday, March 23/18

- success criteria - graphic timeline Success Criteria and editing 2017.docx

-begin creating the graphic timeline for the Primitive Era

-begin taking notes on the Belief Narrative of Native Spirituality

Native Spirituality seven dimensions and belief narrative worksheet - 2017 with page numbers.docx and video clips


Monday, March 26/18 

The timeline is due on Thursday, March 29/18. Be sure to get an extension if you need more time.  


1.  Review worldview:  Choose 4 points from the note on Indigenous Worldview and give a specific example of each from the notes you are using to make your timeline, or from the notes on the video, Enoughness.  Submit this.


2.  Definition of Spirituality that we will be using in the course:  Spirituality is what matters most and how you put this into practise. 


3.  Where do you see examples of what we have learned about worldview, connection to the land and animism in the following

 -Colours of the Wind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk33dTVHreQ


Tuesday, March 27/18

1.  What is your connection to the land?  - Meditation and Visualization, Art Activity


Wednesday, March 28/18

1. Work period on timeline.  Be sure to ask for an extension


Thursday, March 29/18

1. Edit timelines and submit, or else take home and finish the editing for Tuesday. 

2.  Note connecting the Belief Narrative, the Functions of Religion and the Definition of Spirituality

A1 Connecting the Belief Narrative, functions of religion and definition of spirituality 2018.docx

3.  A summary of the development of ideas about Ultimate Reality since the beginning of human history.  

4.  A1 summary of the ideas about Ultimate Reality since the beginning of human history 2018.docx



Easter Holiday


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