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September NDA 3M 2018

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Tuesday, Sept 4/18 - Wednesday, Sept 5/18
1. Introductions and Overview of NDA 3M - "Aboriginal Issues in Canada" course outline, website, emergency exit and lock down procedures,

cell phone policy NDA3M Course Outline 2016 McKinlay.doc

2. Getting to know you questions  Get to Know You and Creating Classroom Community questions.docx and circle discussion.

3. Note: -What does "FNMI" stand for?  What terms are considered acceptable/not acceptable by FNMI?  Who are "settlers? colonizers? 
4 .   Group Activity  Collective Knowledge of FNMI 2018.docx  

5.  Look at the curriculum and the website and make note of :

            1. what are you interested in

            2. what are your questions 

and hand in.


Thursday, Sept. 6/18 

1.  Continue with making notes using handout, "Collective Knowledge" 


2.  Exemplar - Portraits of First Nations - Ashley Callingbrook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxu8gklNYuI


Friday, Sept. 7/19

Walk to the river and forest and begin our Connection to the Land assignment


Connection to the land 2018.docx


Monday, Sept 11/18 - Tuesday, Sept 12/18

1. Finish Collective Knowledge assignment. 

Introduce Indigenous Worldview

  Indigenous Worldview 2018.docx  

2.  Look for examples of worldview in the movie, Broken Arrows



Wednesday, Sept 12/18  - Thursday, Sept 13/18

1. Reading - look for examples of Worldview in the readings from One Native Life.

Summarize and present your short story, and examples of worldview to the class over the next week. 

Indigenous Worldview 2018.docx 

2.  Finish looking for examples of Worldview in the movie, Broken Arrows.

Friday, Sept 14/18

1. Walk on the Land assignment


Monday - Wednesday Sept 17 and 18/18

1. Worldview and Stereotypes

-discussion - stereotypes

-watch Reel Injun and look for stereotypes

-complete the following handout  Stereotypes Reel Injun 2016 (2).docx

2.  student presentations on worldview from the book, One Native Life

3.  Indigenous events in the news - Polaris prize winner Jeremy Dutcher, NFB virtual reality exhibit in Toronto: Biidaan 

Thursday, Sept 19/18

Blanket Exercise

 1.  Blanket Exercise Blanket Exercise -- student copy.docx 

Why don't you just get over it?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5DrXZUIinU


Friday, Sept 21/18 

1.   Walk on the land and make observations. Observe and brainstorm lessons from nature.  Take photos - 5 images of two different things. 


Monday, Sept.  24/18 - Tuesday, Sept 25/18

Musical inspiration - Buffy Ste Marie - the Priests of the Golden Bull

1.  Review the blanket exercise

2.  Discussion - How can we take care of our mental health as we learn about the history of FNMI, and as we scroll through social media and learn about current events?

3.  Choose a person to do your research project on.   Portraits of FNMI assignment  Portraits of FNMI 2018.odt

  Portraits of FNMI success criteria.docx 


Wednesday, Sept 26/18 

1.  Art as a form of education for social justice.  Bruce Cockburn's song, "Stolen Land" and the Haida Gwaii case study.  

2.  Work period on "Portraits of FNMI"


Thursday, Sept 27/18

1.  Music to bring people together and overcome adversity - N'we Jinan -" Home to Me" and the mercury poisoning of the Grassy Narrows water supply 



2. work period - Portraits of FNMI


Friday - PD day



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