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October NDA 3M 2018

Page history last edited by Beth 2 years, 5 months ago



Monday,  Oct 1/18 - Thursday, Oct 2/18

1. Edit "Portraits of FNMI"

2. Comparing western and indigenous worldviews  Enoughness.docx

Indigenous Worldview 2018.docx 

3. Indigenous  Spirituality - spirituality 2018.docx with links to video clips

-choose a second story from the book, One Native Life, and analyze it along with ONE of your stories that you analyzed for worldview to find examples of Indigenous spirituality

4.  Complete the reading and questions of the Thanksgiving Greeting for Thursday, Oct 4/18

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address 2018 with questions.docx 

Seven Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude.docx



Friday, Oct 5/18

-walk on the land and take photos

Tuesday, Oct 9/18

-review for open book test on Wednesday, Oct 10/18

-present summaries on spirituality form the book, One Native Life

Wednesday, Oct 10/18

-open book test - Part 1


Thursday, Oct 11/18 

Terry Fox run

Friday, Oct 12/18

Open book test part 2

-Blanket Exercise - read over this version and highlight the main ideas only  Blanket exercise - youth script with stats 2015.docx


Monday, Oct 15/18

-watch episode two from "Lighting the 8th Fire"

-complete the handout, Eight Fire - its time - notes.docx


Tuesday, Oct 16/18

1. Begin timeline using the Blanket Exercise and create a timeline of the main events with a short summary of each event



Wednesday, Oct 17/18


1.  Review timeline notes on google document which was shared with everyone yesterday.

2. Finish  videos on spirituality - Story of Two Wolves,  Sky Woman creation story, Grandfather Teachings

spirituality 2018.docx

3. Finish presentations on spirituality from "One Native Life"

4. Complete and submit Portraits of FNMI notes - Friday, Oct 19/18 on google classroom

5.  -assignments and tests returned


Thursday, Oct 18/18

1.  Portraits of FNMI presentations

2.   How is worldview present in this video clip? 



Upcoming due dates:  Metaphors due November 1/18

Environmental Issue assignment due to Google classroom Nov 5/18


Friday, Oct 19/18

-walk on the land and continue with picture assignment

-Upload all pictures taken to date by Monday, Oct 22/18


Monday, Oct 22/18 

1. Begin "Early Contact" assignment with film analysis of Black Robe.  If you are absent, you can watch it on YouTube using this link.



Make notes while watching the video using this handout: Black Robe - movie questions.docx


Tuesday, Oct 23/18

1.  Continue watching Black Robe

-picture retakes


Wednesday, Oct 24/18

1. Debrief Black Robe


black robe - summary and commentary.docx



Thursday, Oct 25/18

-in-class writing assignment on Black Robe

essay - contact - black robe.docx success criteria 


Friday, Oct 26/18 

PD day


Monday, Oct 29/18 

1.  Early Contact - Peace and Friendship - complete pages 1-2 on the following handout using the texts provided in class

From Friendship to Assimilation, Land Claims and Reconciliation- student note taking guidelin.docx

2.  Notetaking for the Doctrine of Discovery was done together.  Look at our shared google document for this.  Yellow hightlighted notes

go on the left side of the google document under Doctrine of Discovery.  Green highlighted notes go on the right side.


Tuesday, Oct 30/18  

1.    Colonization, racism defined - Definition of colonization and racism.docx

2.  Walk a Mile - Parts 1-3 Walk a Mile Parts 1-3 Q and blanks.docx


Wednesday, Oct 31/18

Time to work on environmental issue and Indigenous people.  Due on November 5/18. Chrome books booked.

Edit essay on Black Robe if necessary.




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