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November NDA 3M 2018

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Thursday,  November 1/18  -finish editing  essay -research for environmental issues project
Friday, Nov 2/18 -watch Walk a Mile and answer the questions for part 2 and 3
Monday, Nov 5/18 - Thursday, Nov 8/18 -edit your environmental issue project and submit final copy on Tuesday

-Monday - take up answers to questions on Walk a Mile

-Tuesday - plan inquiry project

Wednesday - Friday - finish taking up answers to Walk a Mile - Part 1 and 2

--early treaties and the Two Row Wampum Belt -watch video on Two Row Wampum  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJovWlOF2PY&t=35s 2#2 - Module 2 - Wampum Belt Teachings .pptx Two row Wampum 2018.docx -daily review of early contact 

Monday, November 12/18 - Thursday, November 15/18  Monday - Two views of treaties - read and highlight the main ideas  two views of treaties.docx Tuesday -  Inquiry project planning - Wednesday - . complete pages 4 - 5 on the handout, From Friendship to Assimilation, Land Claim and Reconciliation up to, but not including the notes on the Indian Act From Friendship to Assimilation, Land Claims and Reconciliation- student note taking guidelin.docx

Friday, Nov 16/18 -snow day
Monday, Nov 19/18 -correct your notes on "Two views of treaties"

-sub-committees plan what they will bring back to class on Thursday

Tuesday, Nov 20 -watch the video, Defining Relationships between peoples and take notes using these guiding questions. 

Treaties on the traditional territories of PVNC Defining Relationships between Peoples - video questions.docx 

-use remaining time to work with your partners on your presentation for Wednesday. 

If your work is happening outside of class, complete page 5-6 on the Indian Act using your textbook.  pages 114-121

Wednesday, Nov 21

 -watch the Indian Act explained https://tvo.org/video/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin/the-indian-act-explained 

-take notes on the Indian Act on pages 5-6 of the booklet, From Friendship to Assimilation and Land Claims


-use remaining time to work with your partner for Thursday's presentation on your contribution to the project.

Write up your notes and submit to Ms. McKinlay on Monday, Nov 26/19


Thursday, Nov 22

-you are being signed out a new text,  First Nations 101

- read pages 51-55 and make notes

-hand these in


-in the last 15 minutes of class,  report to classmates on your progress on the project. You  must hand in your notes to

Ms. McKinlay outlining your progress and your specific research so far on Monday, Nov 26/19.

Monday, Nov 26/18 - Friday, Nov 30/10

-review for test on Tuesday

-submit Nature Metaphors

-test on Tuesday

-review treaties and ensure note, Two View of Treaties is complete

-review notes on the Williams treaty

-continue to plan your contribution to the Inquiry Project. Document your work on a log sheet. 

Conference with me if you need help with planning your contributions. 




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